There is a rich variety of choices among the MicroCare precision cleaners. MicroCare strives to select the optimal formulation for any given application that will result in the best cleaning at the lowest possible cost.

For example, MicroCare has three popular choices for removing organic contamination (oils and grease) from metals, ceramics, optical devices and even plastics; a different cluster of products engineered to remove the ionic contamination found on modern electronics, and other cleaners engineered to remove insoluble particulate.  The final solvent selection should be based on the details of each specific application, such as the presence of soft plastics or elastomers, or the need to remove heat-cured lead-free fluxes from a circuit board.

Whichever cleaning fluid is selected, customers can be comfortable that it will come with the MicroCare Product Stewardship Program. This free service is an integral part of the MicroCare promise, because a safe cleaning environment is also an efficient cleaning environment. The stewardship program helps customers get their parts clean while protecting their people and the planet.