We are here to serve you and your needs. For the quickest response to your inquiry please contact our head sales contact by email or phone:

toll-free 800.638.0125


MicroCare is your direct source for the Bromothane precision cleaners, the MicroCare precision cleaners, and the Vertrel® specialty fluids. In North America, MicroCare is the direct sales channel for fluorinated solvents produced by DuPont, and MicroCare also is the exclusive sales channel for all of the brominated solvents produced by Chemtura Corp.

Why sell direct? Well, these products tend to be more sophisticated, expensive and complex than products typically sold through local distribution. By working directly with the users, MicroCare keeps costs down while keeping high the level of technical support.

For local sales support, MicroCare has a small army of sales reps. Most of these folk have been with MicroCare for years and they really understand cleaning and solvents. They know vapor degreasing, the various solvents used in vapor degreasing and the best way to tweak a system for optimal results. If you call MicroCare, it's likely that one of our local people can be at your offices within a few days, maybe even within a few hours.

If you have questions about the Bromothane solvents or would like some samples for testing, call/fax/email MicroCare and we'll be pleased to help in any way we can.