Vapor degreasing is a versatile, simple and safe technology that delivers perfectly clean parts time after time, day after day. Because of these virtues and the money they save, vapor degreasing has been widely adopted across many industries. As such, MicroCare has customers in more than a dozen industries and across five continents. There is no industry, and almost no company, that would not benefit from the time-saving, money-saving advantages of precision cleaning with MicroCare cleaning fluids.

But it’s important to remember it’s neither just about the chemistry nor about the cleaning machinery. Equally crucial is the manner in which the products are used and the processes that support them. To that end, MicroCare offers industry-leading technical support and a ground-breaking Product Stewardship program that ensures every company will use these cleaning technologies to their very best advantage. With MicroCare, companies will clean quickly, reliably, affordably and safely. At the left are some examples of where MicroCare products can be found.