The MicroCare® precision cleaners are a family of specialty solvents that deliver exceptional performance at the lowest possible cost-per-part-cleaned. All of these versatile fluids are ideally suited for use in either vapor degreasing equipment and/or in “cold cleaning” applications such as wiping delicate parts. They have a broad range of solvency from mild to very active, making them particularly effective in applications where materials compatibility may be a concern. In general, the MicroCare precision cleaners are cost-effective replacements for HCFC-225, most aqueous-based cleaning products, and many hydrocarbon-based choices. Click on the individual products for specific details, specifications and Safety Data Sheets.

If you are just starting your research, or are narrowing your field to a few specific solvents- please contact MicroCare and we can assist you with detailed answers to help you choose the best fluid.