MicroCare supports its cleaning products with the world's best technical service and the world's best product stewardship program. This program is designed to help each company lower their cleaning costs, improve worker safety and protect the environment. This program will educate workers about the cleaning products and processes, plus audit company procedures to ensure everyone works safely and profitably.

What Is the Stewardship Program?

First and foremost, the Stewardship Program focuses on safety, because a safe cleaning environment also is an efficient cleaning environment.

Depending upon the cleaning product a customer may select, MicroCare may insist the customer obtain specific types of cleaning equipment or equipment with specific features. MicroCare will insist on employee training and will personally visit every single location to make sure the product is being used properly. In extreme situations, MicroCare may refuse to allow a MicroCare cleaner to be used in certain applications.

Product safety training, vapor degreaser design and operating training, and an on-site inspection are all part of this product stewardship program:

  • When working with any chemical, it is important for every user to be aware of the products' properties. Workers should know all of the issues involving safe and safe handling, storage and use. Emergency procedures should be well-developed and thoroughly understood. Users are advised to communicate all the relevant safety information to the workers involved with the storage, handling and uses of the MicroCare products.
  • MicroCare offers a state-of-the-art application laboratory where customers can have cleaning studies performed. This ensures the optimal cleaning fluid and cleaning process is implemented for each application.
  • The design and deployment of engineered cleaning systems – units that are well-designed and well-maintained – is an important part of the Stewardship program. MicroCare will work with your engineers to minimize solvent emissions, saving money and protecting your people and the planet.
  • Proper storage and handling procedures should be used to avoid short-term overexposure.
  • Where there is a potential for splashing or skin contact, MicroCare will recommend personal protective equipment for the employees.
  • When appropriate, MicroCare will work with every customer to implement an annual monitoring program to track worker exposure levels.
  • MicroCare strongly recommends at least an annual audit of the cleaning system and its operations, to ensure that the original plans and procedures are being followed or have been properly updated as the needs of the business evolved.

MicroCare takes the responsibility for product stewardship very seriously. If engineers, specifiers or users desire assistance to understand the information on safety data sheets, product specifications or product labels, or should any person have any other concerns about these products, contact MicroCare, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

MicroCare also strongly recommends users should satisfy their own curiosity and concerns with thorough research into the products and the competition. If other questions remain, please feel free to contact MicroCare.