Vapor Degreasing Saves Money

Vapor degreasers are simple cleaning systems that deliver very sophisticated results. They use a simple thermomechanical process – simply boiling and condensing – in conjunction with special low-boiling solvents to clean quickly, easily and inexpensively. The whole process is designed to get precision parts perfectly clean at the lowest possible cost-per-part.

There are many, many important benefits that flow from cleaning in a vapor degreaser, especially when compared to cleaning with hydrocarbons, aqueous systems or old-style solvents. Look for these benefits: Delicate components, such as this hybrid circuit, are easily cleaned in a vapor degreaser. Here the cleaning fluid drips off the tiny circuitry back into the rinse sump

  • Safety: First and foremost, all of the MicroCare cleaning fluids are nonflammable. This makes cleaning simpler, safer, and less expensive.
  • Easy Operation: With a vapor degreaser, monitoring the cleaning process is simple and fast, and generally easier than comparable aqueous systems.  They’re just simpler.
  • Reduced Energy Costs: MicroCare fluids operate at lower temperatures than aqueous systems, providing greater materials compatibility and dramatically reducing energy costs.
  • Versatile: These special solvents have very low surface tension, so they easily clean parts that are extremely small or have extremely tight clearances (photo, right).
  • Speedy: Vapor degreasers have fast cleaning cycles, so even a modest machine usually out-perform a water cleaning system costing two or three times the price, sometimes cutting cleaning cycles by 75% or more.
  • No Entrapment: Because the solvents evaporate easily, the fluids are easily removed from complex shapes, deep holes, blind vias and other designs where slow-drying solvents could be trapped. This keeps costs down and quality up.
  • No Spots: Vapor degreasers never leave water spots of surfaces, because parts exit the cleaning system completely dry. This makes vapor degreasing perfect for cleaning optics and other super-critical applications.
  • Broad Compatibility: These solvents are compatible with almost any materials of construction, including metals, plastics, elastomers, electronics and ceramics.
  • Wide Spectra of Soils: Vapor degreasers and their solvents easily clean almost any type of contamination, including heavy greases, oils, waxes and even fingerprints.
  • Superior Environmentally: The whole purpose of a vapor degreaser is to contain and recycle the cleaning chemistry, so vapor degreasers are very gentle on the environment.
  • Easy Handling: Nonflammable solvents are easy to store, ship and handle.
  • Low Costs: Vapor degreasers are very inexpensive to use. A modern degreaser can clean thousands of parts per day for just a handful of dollars. This is efficient, reliable and cost-effective engineering at its finest.

In short, precision cleaning works best with MicroCare. The products featured on this web site deliver consistent, affordable, high-quality cleaning at the lowest possible cost-per-part-cleaned. Backed by superior technical support and extraordinary customer service, they come with the most comprehensive product stewardship program in the industry. Contact MicroCare today, and start saving money tomorrow!